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For Prospective Buyer's

Condos starting at $345 Home starting at $445 This is our mainstay and most requested service. If you are in a

Prospective Buyer's Express

Starting at $195. With our Prospective Buyer’s Express package, our clients get a verbal report of the condition of the home inspected.

Sellers Pre-Sale Inspection

Starting at $345. Our Sellers Pre-Sale inspection helps sellers protect their investment. Having a home inspection

Sellers Pre-Sale Express

Starting at $195.00 All the experience and technology that are used in our Sellers Pre-Sale Inspection are applied

11 Month Warranty

For property OWNERS who purchased brand new construction, an 11 month warranty inspection is akin to a first

Sewer Camera Inspection

Starting at $200 This is an optional service not included with any of our full or limited inspections. Our sewer