Why Choose San Diego Home Inspection?

Inspections starting as low as $195.00

Our firm was established to provide the greater San Diego area communities a reliable, competent, and comprehensive property inspection service backed by top notch customer service. We specialize in performing inspections related to real estate sales, usually performed within the contingency period of the transaction.

Experience has proven that purchasing one of our "Engineering Inspired" home inspections is an invaluable investment for our clients. The home inspection will typically empower our client in one of three ways:  

  1. The client (most commonly the buyer) will get peace of mind knowing that the property they chose was in the advertised condition.  
  2. The inspector may reveal previously undisclosed material defects. This information can assist the buyer in negotiating credits or repairs (which typically cost hundreds or thousands of dollars).  In normal market conditions it is quite common to renegotiate the contract in this manner.
  3. Results of our home inspection may reveal so many unexpected issues at hand that the buyer decides to walk away to avoid a money pit.

In each of the scenarios above our client (the buyer) benefits.

Home sellers can also benefit from hiring us. We regularly assist sellers by helping them avoid last minute surprises when the buyer's inspection is performed. Knowing the condition of the home can help sellers list their property at a competitive market price.

At San Diego Home Inspection, we know your time is valuable and your investment priceless. From start to finish we assess your property as if we were performing an inspection for our own family.

 What Sets Us Apart:

San Diego Home Inspection is real estate inspection company that delivers the world's most advanced "engineering inspired" home inspections.

  • Our "Engineering Inspired" service package offers the most benefit for our clients and includes:
    • Slab foundation structural measurement / examination - at no extra charge!
    • Patented polybutylene pipe inspection - at no extra charge! 1978 - 1995 homes are at high risk. We created this technology.
    • Second story tile roof inspections - at no extra charge!
    • Thermal Imaging / Infrared technology at no extra charge!
  • Our inspectors come from licensed general contractor backgrounds.
  • We have a fully staffed office with live operators M-F 7 am to 7 pm
  • We deliver our user-friendly, computer generated inspection reports within 24 hours - which include color photographs and a summary section.
  • We limit our inspectors to a maximum of two appointments per day – this maintains the highest quality and prevents fatigue.
  • Our inspectors’ cellular phones are forwarded to the office during appointments, allowing them to be fully focused.
  • We provide customer service of uncompromising quality

*A “home inspection” is a visual examination of the structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, roof, HVAC, and other essential systems - with the primary goal of identifying material defects on our clients' behalf. A “material defect”, as defined by the CREIA Standards of Practice, is any condition that significantly affects the value, desirability, habitability, or safety of the dwelling.



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