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Buying a home in beautiful San Diego is a potentially rewarding opportunity. For most people it’s a big stepping stone towards fulfilling the American dream. However, home buying is a large financial investment and brings with it a certain degree of risk. Finding the right property in such a competitive market is difficult and buyers are often faced with making a quick decision to purchase or risk losing out on their dream home. On top of that, many sellers demand a fast closing, less than the traditional 17 day contingency period. In many cases the buyers have only seen the property once or twice. They may have a general feeling about the property condition, but in many cases have no idea what’s “under the hood”. In an environment like this it’s imperative to have a top notch home inspection report completed.


As mentioned above, there is always risk associated with purchasing a home or condo. Having homeowner’s insurance, a home warranty protection plan,  or claims by a certain international home inspector organization that they will “buy the house back if their inspector members misses something” will never change that fact. After all the hoopla and wild claims, the fact is that you only get one chance to get your home inspection done. Hiring the cheapest company rarely equals getting the best job. If there’s a serious problem that comes to light after the sale, you don’t get the option of a “do over”. Hiring a competent home inspector is a critical, and often overlooked step in the home buying process. In our experience, most of the homes for sale have a number of undisclosed material defects. These include life safety, foundation, plumbing, electrical, roofing, moisture intrusion, heating & cooling issues, all sorts of installation errors, just to name a few. Sometimes they are relatively minor and easily fixed, but not always. Sometimes we discover major issues that are expensive to remedy. So  don’t be fooled by curb appeal or fancy staging. There is always a chance that hidden defects exist. Luckily, our state of the art home inspection service will uncover many of the defects mentioned. We have been leveling the playing field for our clients for over two decades. All you need to do is call us and we will help you dramatically reduce your risk.


COVID-19 UPDATE: As real estate sales have been designated as “essential services” by government agencies, we are cautiously continuing with our operations. However, we are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and encouraging clients NOT to attend the inspection. We promise every client a remote consultation after the report is delivered, we can even include the real state professional on a 3 way call. Our amazing inspection reports are packed full of details and photographs, it’s almost like being there in person!


Rely on San Diego Home Inspection, Inc.’s commitment to excellence for reliable and affordable home inspection services throughout San Diego County. For us, it is a privilege to serve new and repeat clients in Carmel Valley, Poway, Mission Hills, Chula Vista, El Cajon, Mira Mesa, Pacific Beach, Escondido, and every community in between. We employ state of the art equipment and time proven techniques to provide our clients with services that add long term value and peace of mind. We are the home inspection company that has the competitive advantage to handle service requests on all types of properties.



Dream home or future nightmare?


Whether our clients are purchasing a downtown high rise condo, tract home in Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Santa Fe mansion, City Heights multi-unit complex, or commercial building, we have their due diligence needs covered! Our personable and experienced inspectors will make sure all the major systems are in proper working order, with emphasis on safety, structure, and moisture intrusion. The founder of our company even invented a non-destructive method for identifying hidden and defective polybutylene water supply piping, making us the undisputed industry leader inspecting all structures built between 1978 –1995. This is not hype, we hold an actual patent with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. No matter what type of property or when it was built, our qualified inspectors are committed to excellence and will get you the relevant information about the property condition.

Not Your Average Real Estate Inspection Service

Our San Diego Home Inspectors are 100% committed to excellence on behalf of our clients. 30+ years ago, the owner of our company started working part-time at 14 years old, doing many jobs in the retail and hospitality industries where top notch customer service and people skills are required. He learned the meaning of the customer is always right, because happy customers means a successful business. This customer service background is still the foundation of the mindset we only employ to this day. We owe any and all achievements to our clients success.

In addition to our relentless commitment to excellence on behalf of our clients, we also have considerable competitive advantages over many of competitors.  One of them being the owner of this company has 20+ years in the field and has personally performed over 8,000 paid inspections and counting. And better yet, all of our inspectors have decades of prior hands-on experience, actually building and remodeling residential structures. So when you hire us, you not only get a certified home inspector but you get the insights of a journeyman carpenter and/or general contractor as well. Home inspections, when boiled down to the basics are an evaluation of  quality of construction and search for material defects. Nobody is better at identifying material defects than our team.


Real estate buyers might be surprised to know that our two largest competitors in the San Diego area are owned and operated by men with information technology and electronics technician backgrounds. Our competitors non-construction related backgrounds would be very useful in many walks of life but are a far cry from being a construction expert. You want your home inspector to know construction like the back of his hand. Construction, construction, construction is the key. Look no further, our lifelong carpentry and general contractor backgrounds make us your go-to home inspection company. Just a few of the benefits you will receive by hiring us for real estate inspections are:

  • Peace of Mind On What Might Be A Risky Purchase
  • Cutting Edge Inspection Report With Many Photos
  • Ability to Negotiate For The Repair Of Material Defects
  • Professional Customer Service By Friendly Inspector
  • Competitive Pricing Amongst Other Top Quality Companies
  • Receive An Independent And Unbiased Opinion From An Industry Expert


At San Diego Home Inspection, we offer expert inspection services for commercial and residential buildings.

Buyer's Pre-Purchase

Condos starting at $345. Homes starting at $445. You’ve finally found the home to purchase and have an accepted offer – it looks good but do you REALLY know the condition of all the major systems and components? You have 17 days or less to perform all of your due diligence. Now is the time to protect yourself on this most important purchase by having a specialized home inspection designed to identify the hidden material defects and safety hazards that may exist. A few hundred dollars could save you many thousands or even identify serious safety hazards that could harm your family members.  This is our mainstay and most requested service. If you are in a traditional contract this is most likely the way to go.

Buyer's Pre-Purchase "Express"

Starting at $195. With our Prospective Buyer’s Express package, our clients get the same great inspection, but only a verbal report on the condition of the property. This service is geared more for investors or other experienced buyers, for example  on “as-is” or “short sale” transactions where seeking repairs or credits from the sellers is not possible.

Sellers Pre-Listing

Condos starting at $345. Homes starting at $445. Our Pre-listing inspection helps SELLERS to enjoy a much easier sale and possibly secure a higher sales price. Sellers who hire us won’t get caught being asked for a bunch of items to be fixed or a substantial price reduction when the buyer’s home inspector delivers his report.  Sellers who hire us before the listing date will already have everything fixed (or just disclose the issues)  for the buyers ahead of time, and avoid all the drama that goes with the dreaded “request for repairs”. In some cases the new buyer may even forego having their own inspection, after they see that all known issues are out on the table. Sellers can even avoid potentially costly litigation by demonstrating they went above and beyond in disclosing all known defects to the new buyers up front. Sellers protect yourselves, get ahead of the game, and have a smooth transaction on your own terms!

Sellers Pre-Listing "Express"

Starting at $195. All the experience and technology that are used in our Sellers Pre-Sale Inspection are applied, but only a verbal report on the condition of the property is provided.  This is useful for sellers in those cases where they may not want (or need) an actual written report.

Thermal Imaging/IR Moisture Scan

Starting at $225. Note: This amazing and powerful service is actually included at no extra charge on all inspections we perform and is also available as a stand-alone service. Thermal imaging technology assists us in finding otherwise hidden defects such as moisture intrusion and attic insulation, to name just a few.

Offering reliable San Diego home inspection services at affordable rates.

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