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About Us

What "Engineering Inspired " Means For Our Clients

Our firm was established to provide local buyers and sellers of real estate with a unique inspection service backed by top notch customer service. We are committed to excellence on behalf of our clients. We have developed a unique combination of “Engineering Inspired Services”, specifically designed to deliver maximum value and minimizing risk for our clients.

Unlike our competitors, we take pride in the extra time we spend on each inspection. More specifically we performing extra work that give us actual data to analyze, hence the term “engineering inspired”. Our competitors rely solely on visual inspection such as looking for unusual cracks in stucco or drywall. We do that too but we also gather the all important data. These expensive and time consuming tests are not required by the home inspectors standards of practice. Just a few of the extras we provide at no additional charge include: a most important concrete slab floor level survey using a high precision altimeter, thermal imaging/infrared (IR) survey with latest version Flir cameras, “pole camera” aerial roof inspections on inaccessible roofs, and even a PATENTED non-destructive polybutylene pipe inspection (urgent knowledge for clients purchasing homes built between 1978 – 1995). So when you call around shopping prices, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Our company is not content with mediocrity or being just another local inspection company. We specialize in performing the absolute highest quality inspections related to real estate sales.

Experience has proven that purchasing one of our “Engineering Inspired” home inspections is an invaluable investment for our clients. The home inspection will typically empower our client in at least one of the following three ways:

  1. The client (most commonly the buyer) will get peace of mind knowing that the property they chose was in the advertised condition.
  2. The inspection will almost always reveal previously undisclosed material defects. This information can assist the buyer in negotiating credits or repairs (which typically cost hundreds or thousands of dollars) back from the seller.  In normal market conditions it is quite common to renegotiate the contract in this manner. This is another great reason why SELLERS can benefit greatly by having us perform a pre-sale inspection prior to listing their home for sale.
  3. Sometimes the results of our home inspection may reveal so many unexpected issues at hand that the buyer decides to walk away to avoid a money pit. Although the sale doesn’t go through this should still be considered a win for the client.  After all, it’s easier to find another home then to deal with a myriad of issues and buyer’s remorse.

We can detect defective polybutylene water piping (grey pipe pictured below). Even if it's hidden behind the wall and no attic access!

Defective polybutylene water piping