Our Expertise Is Finding And Reporting On The Hidden and Undisclosed Material Defects That Exist In The Property!

For property OWNERS who purchased brand new construction, an 11th month warranty inspection is akin to a first dealer check up on a new car. Home builders will typically repair any defects noted during the warranty period of one year. We can custom tailor this as a full service home inspection or a limited inspection, depending on how many action items arise. Most people believe that a new home comes risk free. But what we have found is that over the first year the house settles into the surroundings. The foundation may settle and even crack, doors that closed perfectly when the home was bought may now be off-level and stick, storms can reveal leaks in roofing and windows.

Any leaks within the walls will be uncovered by our thermal camera inspections, any holes that might invite in critters will be identified so they can be sealed up. Our Warranty Inspection gives your home a thorough once over to make sure that the construction of the home was done properly, protecting your investment.



    You can rely on us for reliable and affordable home inspection services throughout San Diego County. Using state-of-the-art equipment and proven technique, we provide peace of mind and real value through multiple inspections on all types of properties.


    After completing our inspection, we will provide you with a detailed digital report that is complete with images and descriptions of all our findings. Despite being thorough, this report is easy to understand. With all this clear information, this report can be a powerful tool in getting the full value out of your home investment.
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