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What To Expect At Home Inspection

What To Expect At Home Inspection

A home inspection is more like driving a new car. You have no idea what comes up and what quality material you are owning. Unlike the car, just hit the accelerator and a few dash buttons, you are set to go. A home inspection is different as you need to have a complete awareness of the process as well as of the inspector who is on duty.

The inspection process is necessary, it’s the matter of investing thousands of dollars. To understand what the home inspection process is, read the article below.

What Can A Home Inspector Do?

If this is your first time with any home inspector, you need to know what the process is, how the professional inspector will proceed with this, and what to expect at home inspections. The process lasts up to two or three hours, depending on the size of the house as well as the systems installed in it. The more hurdles inspector faces, the longer he stays at your place. The inspector will walk through your homes and observe the house from every aspect that includes physical structure, mechanical and electrical systems, roofing and a lot more. The inspector will also check major appliances in your home and crawl up into the attic and down the basement.

During San Diego home inspection, our inspector will take detailed notes along with the pictures and if you are present at the site, he will explain to you the condition as well. He also guides you with necessary maintenance so that you can take timely decisions to protect your things.

Things That A Home Inspector Will Not Do

A home inspection is a general checkup, not a complete x-ray exam. Although the inspector should have an eye on every little detail that might be hidden or are unseen through a naked eye or by a homeowner. However, there are few things observe like pests, asbestos, mold infections that your inspector will not observe. For such issues, you require a specialist who deals with them.

A home inspector might have thought about the child safety in your home but again it depends on the experience and competency. With our home inspector, you can have that peace of mind as he will give you a thorough inspection. In case your inspector refuses to give you such services, you cannot blame him.

Inspection Report

A well-maintained real estate inspection report contains a detailed note about the flaws and defects found in your home structure and other systems installed. The report also has digital photographs attached to it so that you can compare the work. The report will also help you when you look for buying or selling a home and saves you from unnecessary negotiations.

When our home inspector is on duty, we prefer you to be the part of the inspection. This is not only helpful for us but also for you, as you get a chance to know your homes better.