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Tips On Hiring A Professional Inspector

Tips On Hiring A Professional Inspector

Professional home inspections are conducted by certified and trained inspectors, not by some random local personnel. They have extended knowledge to assess and the condition of different parts of a home. This home inspection will enable the homeowner to decide whether they should buy a potential property or neglect it. However, no house is perfect but the buyer would avoid buying a property that needs a lot of repairs and maintenance needed.

If you or any of your family or friends are in the process of buying a house, always opt for real estate inspection first. You may use the following tips when looking for a certified inspector.


A home inspection is a task in which nobody can get expert overnight. It will take years of practice, expertise and specialized training. The first thing you need to keep in mind to check when going for the home inspection is how many years of training a home inspector has. Make sure that the inspector assigned to you has the relevant experience in the type of home you require home inspection in.

Certifications, Credentials, and Licenses.

When you are thinking of hiring a company or shortlisted some companies, always make sure to ask for the copies of their licenses and certifications. Anyone can randomly claim to be a real estate inspector, but the documents and legal papers will only prove their verdict right or wrong. You should always look check inspection associations about the validity of these inspectors.

A sample of Report and Inspection Checklist.

These home inspection reports often consist of 40 or more pages. Inspectors make sure that all the details are covered in the report and they label and list it down in detail about every nook and corner of the house. If an inspector provides you with a home inspection report and it consists of less than 10 pages, then consider it a scam; a red flag. There are high chances that the observations will not be labeled and mentioned in detail in the report. You can also inquire about the inspection checklist copy from your home inspector. The report should include in detail all the mechanical, structural components of the house including the electrical wirings and plumbing system of the house. As part of the home inspection, mold and termite inspection should also be mentioned.

Length of Inspection.

Do ask your home inspector that how much time he would need to complete his job. The duration of the task will depend on the size of the house especially. But no matter what, it should not take him less than 3 to 4 hours for a reliable inspection to complete. If it is less than that, there is a possibility that the work is done in haste and there may be some details that may have been missed in the process.

A home inspection is a very essential part and finding a reliable home inspector for your job is no easy. No matter what, to avoid any mishandling of an issue in future, rely on professional Engineering Inspection Services for Home and Real Estate Property always.