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Sewer Camera Inspection

Starting at $225.00 This is an optional service not included with any of our full or limited inspections.

Our sewer camera inspections are an additional service we perform for our clients. This is not included in any of our express or regular services. So what’s the benefit? A sewer camera inspection assesses the condition of your sewer drain. Replacing a sewer pipe can mean ripping up landscaping, sidewalks and more, costing thousands of dollars. If you are investing in a home that has corroded or disintegrating sewer pipes you could be looking at an expensive repair. Please note that we have two different cameras for different sized pipes. Our cameras are the latest generation made in the USA in Las Vegas.

How our inspection works: We insert a camera into the drain and take video of the drain from the entry point in the house to the public sewer line or for a distance of 200 feet. If we note any leaks or damage to the pipe, we mark the point of any problems

The benefit of adding a sewer pipeline inspection to your home inspection is you don’t have to pay an additional professional for an assessment. Our inspections are non-intrusive, meaning we do not damage or cut open or any walls or flooring to assess the pipes. As part of our inspection we let you know if it’s necessary to bring in a professional. We do not offer quotes for repairs nor do we perform any repairs ourselves.

Please note that our sewer line inspections only assess whether or not there is damage. We are not able to determine the life expectancy of the pipe through our evaluation.

After our inspection we will deliver a written report along with images that may be helpful to you in negotiating a fair price for a home you are considering purchasing. If you are a homeowner, the inspection will inform you as to whether or not there are urgent repairs needed.

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