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Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera Inspection

  • $230.00
  • $200 Bundled with home inspection
  • This is an optional service not included with any of our home inspections.
  • So, what is a sewer camera inspection and why spend your hard earned money to have one done?

A sewer camera inspection assesses the internal condition of your main sewer line until it intersects the city sewer connection. Even seasoned home inspectors can only guess the condition of the sewer line because in most cases it is underground and completely hidden from view. Replacing a damaged or failing sewer line can mean ripping up landscaping, sidewalks and more, easily costing many thousands of dollars.

If you are buying a home built pre-1970 there is a high probability that the plumbing waste lines are cast iron (or even clay), which have a limited life remaining. Most plumbers will tell you cast iron has a 50 – 100 year service life. Without a sewer camera inspection you could purchase a house with everything working one day and then soon after have a back-up requiring an expensive repair or replacement. This happens more often than you might think.

How the inspection works: Our sewer camera and drain cleaning specialist (not the same person performing the home inspector) will insert a high-tech camera through the interior portion of the drain and record video from the entry point to the public sewer line for a distance of approximately 100 feet. If he notes any major damage, corrosion, root intrusions, improperly sloped sections, or other potential problem areas, he will make note of it with recommendations for follow up. He will also located the approximate location of any problem areas. In many cases there are small to medium issues that can be dealt with, such as adding additional clean-outs to make the sewer line more easily serviceable. And in some cases the pipe may be perfectly fine. Sometimes there is the need for major repairs or replacement, and our buyers benefit the most from knowing this. In any event, this allows the buyer to have a better idea of what the true condition of the pipe is and drastically reduce the likelihood of having any major back-ups or unanticipated replacement costs.

The benefit of adding a sewer pipeline inspection to your home inspection is you can get the peace of mind  and get this service done at our “wholesale rate” – many large plumbing contractors charge double the price for performing this same service! Another benefit of our camera inspection service is the drain expert will locate the depth, direction, and location of the sewer line.

This is very important because if there are repairs needed, knowing exactly where to dig can save a lot of time, money, and frustration. Our inspections are non-intrusive, meaning we do not damage or cut open or any walls or flooring to assess the pipes. As part of our inspection we let you know if it’s necessary to bring in a plumbing professional to do additional repairs. We do not offer quotes for repairs nor do we perform any repairs ourselves. Please note that our sewer line inspections only assess whether or not there is damage to the main sewer line and does not examine the smaller “branch” lines that drain in to the main line. We are also not able to determine the exact remaining life expectancy of the pipe through our evaluation.  Sometimes even very old and cruddy looking waste lines can perform adequately for some period of time.

After our inspection we will deliver written observations and recommendations (via email) including a link to the video of the camera head passing through the drain line. If you are the potential buyer this information may be useful to you in negotiating a price reduction or credit from the sellers. If you are a homeowner, the inspection will inform you as to whether or not there are urgent repairs needed.

To schedule your sewer camera inspection, please call San Diego Home Inspection today.

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