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Polybutylene Pipe Inspection

Starting at $195.00 Note: this unique and patented service is included at no extra charge on all inspections we perform or is available as a stand-alone service. We will come out and test the pipes without making any holes or inflicting any damage on the home.

How copper sink and toilet stub outs transition to pb pipe behind the wall.

About Polybutylene Piping. In the late 1970’s copper plumbing was replaced with a plastic plumbing called polybutylene plumbing. The idea was to prevent leaks that were occurring as copper pipes began to disintegrate. This inexpensive alternative became extremely popular with builders in the 1980’s to the early 1990’s. Developed by Chevron, the plastic connectors for the piping were unexpectedly weakened by the chemicals used to treat drinking water and sewer water. The result was a cracking or break down of the connectors that lead to leaks or breakage and flooding of homes. While the piping didn’t experience any problems, the fittings and connections often failed. The product was never recalled by Chevron but a class action lawsuit was filed against the company.

During our home inspections we identify whether or not a home has polybutylene piping, which greatly affects the value of a home. Today it’s common practice to replace any polybutylene piping in a home. Replacement costs can run from approximately $10,000 and up and can quickly make a potential buyer walk from the sale.

Our patented technology allows us to determine whether or not polybutylene piping exists behind the walls without having to cut open the walls or perform any invasive inspections. Our guarantee assures that you know whether or not a home has polybutylene piping. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

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