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Mold Risk Assessment Inspection

Starting at $225.00

This service is included at no extra charge on all inspections we perform and is also available as a stand-alone service. We offer visual risk assessment. Note: at the present time we do not offer mold sampling but can recommend local company that does air sampling and offers remediation advice.

Mold can cause both cosmetic and health problems. Mold, which develops as a result of moisture build-up in a home can grow behind the walls, in ceilings and in many other places. Sometimes identifying mold is as easy as looking for moisture spots on walls, near floorboards on on ceilings. Other times infrared imaging is needed in order to look behind walls to identify leaks in pipes that can’t be seen with the human eye.

Cosmetically, water damage and mold can cause paint to peel and discolor areas of the home. Generally where we find mold, the source of the moisture needs to be identified and repaired, drywall needs to be replaced and fresh paint applied. As far as health, mold in a home can trigger allergies, breathing and respiratory problems and more. Extensive mold can mean expensive repairs.

You may have noticed that bathrooms have fans and vents in them. This isn’t just to aid in privacy or the removal of odors. Bathroom vents help move moisture that builds up during baths and showers out of the home. Without vents moisture build-up can result in peeling paint, mold growth and deterioration of drywall. Moisture from a bathroom can also seep into the walls and ceilings of the room causing damage to other rooms in the house as well.  The cosmetic damage may only cost a several hundred dollars to fix, but mold growth and spores can lead to health problems that include respiratory symptoms, nausea and vomiting and more. Dampness in the home can lead to an increase in house dust mites and fungal spores, which can trigger allergies.

As part of our home inspections, we check to make sure all fans are working and are venting outside the home, we inspect behind walls, floors and ceilings. If you suspect there is mold in your home, or if you are purchasing a new home, we strongly encourage you to have a Mold Risk Assessment performed today. Call San Diego Home Inspection to set up your appointment.

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