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how to prepare your house for a home inspection

How to prepare your house for a home inspection

When you are planning to put your house on a sale, be prepared for the home inspections in the form of customer visits. The people who are thinking to buy your house will not buy it without any investigation. There will be a proper and deeper inspection of your house. Selling a house is not an easy task and you will have to do everything which can help you in getting the right price for your house. Have look at the possible preparations which you can make before a home inspection in San Diego.


Start from the cleanup

When a potential customer comes for a real estate inspection, he usually hires a home inspector for this purpose and that can be problematic because home inspectors are experienced and know a lot about finding faults. The most important thing is to keep your house clean. A clean and shiny house will make a good impression and the inspection will go on a pleasant note. Remove all the dirt and dust and fix whatever is broken before the inspection.   

Maintain the exterior look

A real estate inspector will make up his mind before he enters your house. That is why it is important to present the first look at your house as the signature mark of your house. Wash your driveway and clean your yard from any dirt or leaves. Paint your walls and roof and repair your windows to give an amazing impression to your customers.

Keep a record of any repair

You can also hire a home inspection inspector and he will give you engineering inspection services to make your house look more appealing. He will suggest you that you make a document of all the repairs you have made in the house and hand it over to the customers. They will be more satisfied with this move.


Leave the basement and attic open

Home and real estate property investigation involve the check of everything that comes under the vicinity of the house. It is better to leave the basement and attic open before the customer arrives at your place. If there is any damage of issue in these areas, repair it at once.

The utilities should be working

Do not cut off the connection of your utilities just because you will not be using them anymore. The customers and home inspectors will like to see whether the dishwasher, furnace, and heating system works properly.