Our Expertise Is Finding And Reporting On The Hidden and Undisclosed Material Defects That Exist In The Property!

For Prospective Buyers

Condos starting at $365
Home starting at $445

This is our mainstay and most requested service. If you are in a traditional contract this is the way to go. Our prospective buyer’s home inspection includes a walkthrough, IR/Infrared camera scan, moisture meter and mold risk assessment.

We also provide an assessment of all the major components of the home including roof, foundation, electrical, plumbing inspections and more. Our exterior and interior home inspections will let you make an informed decision as to a fair price for the home.

After our inspection is complete, we deliver an electronic report with photographs of the home and any problem areas we find. Our goal is to help you understand the condition of the home your are purchasing so you aren’t surprised with any major repairs after the inspection has been completed.

During our home inspections we identify whether or not a home has polybutylene piping, which greatly affects the value of a home. Today it’s common practice to replace any polybutylene piping in a home. Replacement costs can run from approximately $10,000 and up and can quickly make a potential buyer walk from the sale.

Our patented technology allows us to determine whether or not polybutylene piping exists behind the walls without having to cut open the walls or perform any invasive inspections. Our guarantee assures that you know whether or not a home has polybutylene piping.

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