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5 Common Faults Found During The Home Inspection Process

5 Common Faults Found During The Home Inspection Process

With the regular wear and tear, a house is bound to have issues and only few of us are aware of them. Some problems are cosmetic and may not affect the value of the home, but there are many problems that can affect the sale of the house. If you are planning to sell the property, you should search for a good San Diego home inspection company as they will help you uncover the major faults in the house and make necessary amends in due time. Here is a list of the most common problems that crop up during the home inspection services in San Diego.


Grade Issues.

During the house building, the soil needs to meet the industry standards for grading, firmness and slope. The construction managers need to make sure that proper drainage is implemented in the house. This ensures that the water runs away from the property rather than going inwards. If the water falls inwards, it can lead to leaks and flooding in the house. If the drainage system is not properly placed, the soil around the house will be settled and the house will also face damages.



Leaks in the roofing and the sub floors is the most common issues that are found during the real estate inspection services in San Diego. The leakage can happen from any reason ranging from the damaged plumbing or outdated pipes. These leaks may lead to rot, mold and different issues and can affect the home selling process.


Faulty Wiring.

Faulty wiring is a major issue in the house and can cause a delay in the home selling process. the home inspection company in San Diego can help you identify the faulty wiring in the house so that it can be addressed in a timely fashion. In some cases, the electrical systems are not installed and does not meet the standards of the building codes. A home with such violation may scare off potential buyers and you should consider making fix prior to listing the house on the web.


Plumbing Issues.

Outdated plumbing is a common problem in the older homes. Repairs related to plumbing are very expensive but without the properly installed plumbing materials, you may have to face issues related to leakage and this may also affect the structure of the house.


Foundation Failures.

A foundation can settle due to the wrong construction and seeps in the floors. Due to the foundation issues, a house may have sloped floors and the window and doors may not close properly. If the vapor barrier is damaged, you may also have to face the issues related to leakage in the basement.

It’s not uncommon for foundations to settle, tilting or even cracking in the process. When this happens, however, houses may lean in response, causing sloped floors, cracks around seams, and window and door frames that are no longer true, leading to sticking. Leaks in the basement area may also occur if the vapor barrier is damaged.

Not all foundation issues will necessarily impede a home sale, but cracked foundations must be addressed eventually, so it’s best to require such fixes prior to purchasing property.